About Me


Hello there, Dr. Adam here! Thanks for stopping by OralCare4Kids.com. I hope you find my site to be a useful resource in answering the most common questions regarding your child’s oral health. I will refer to several products that I recommended daily in my pediatric dental practice. I look forward to helping you any way I can!

My Story

I grew up in a small central Texas town, before the internet era. I can remember having one dentist for the entire community, and when we had a question, we had to either schedule an appointment or ask a trusted neighbor. I have had the privilege of traveling most of the United States for both pleasure and my profession. After obtaining my board certification, I was fortunate enough to build a multi-million dollar practice before having to sell it due to an occupational disability. My hobbies consist of playing golf, flying planes, watching movies, traveling, and dining.

Why OralCare4Kids.com?

Although I am unable to practice the profession I love, I felt I could still contribute to the advancement of children’s dentistry through this practical resource.

I developed OralCare4Kids.com in 2016, with the intention of focusing on the most common topics I would discuss daily in my practice. Although my advice will align with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, I hope to provide information that is realistic and easy to understand. My goal is to become your go-to resource for your children’s dental health questions.


Although I will make several product recommendations, I don’t have any obligatory conflicts of interest. My suggestions are made from my years of experience of seeing what will, and will not work. Furthermore, you should always see your dentist to address any urgent dental needs. I am simply providing practical advice from an informational standpoint. My pledge to you is to stay current and relevant to ensure OralCare4Kids.com can be a reliable source reference.

Again, thank you for trusting my opinion, and please feel free to contact me anytime!

Remember, you only have to brush and floss the teeth you want to keep!

Dr. Adam
Founder of Oral Care 4 Kids